Final reflection on CS247B: Design for Behavior Change

thanks for the fun + learnings!

Consumer behavior is tied to incentives — if you reward people for some desired behavior, they’ll rationally perform that behavior in order to maximize their utility (assuming your reward is aligned with their willingness to accept). Is it obvious that I come from an econ background?

site-mapping, task flows, and sketchy screens

In discussing how we might combine our individual wireflows to converge on a concept for our overall application, we created this site map to clarify the various user interactions we currently expect.

Before divvying up tasks, we outlined the following core actions to decide how we might divide and conquer…

Conducting secondary research and product analysis of comparators

Source: Braedon McLeod on Unsplash

We’re Team refresh, and our mission this quarter is to design a tool that encourages young adults to go outside and get fresh air more often. With this goal in mind, we set out (no pun intended) to explore the existing solution space via a literature review and comparative analysis.

Rose Li

stanford econ and hci

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